Virginia Attorney General Candidate Vows to Protect Norfolk Naval Base from Chinese Encroachment

Virginia attorney general candidate Chuck Smith is vowing to protect the Norfolk Naval Base from encroachment by the red menace in China if he is elected to the position.

Smith, a constitutional attorney who is a Marine Corps and Navy JAG veteran, is concerned about China buying 180,000 acres of land in south Texas. He is concerned that the top American geopolitical rival is buying this land strategically, as the land is very close to the Laughlin Air Force Base.

“What we are seeing in Texas can take place here in Virginia.  Our enemies sense there is a divide in our country because of the current weak leadership, and this is why China is making their move,” he said.

“I want to reassure Virginians that, if elected, they have my promise and commitment as Attorney General of this great Commonwealth that I will not allow such an aggressive act near the largest naval base in the country – our Norfolk Naval Base,” Smith added.

Smith is running as a Republican but is angry with the behavior of both parties as they drop the ball and allow China to jeopardize national security interests.

“This is clearly a National Security threat to the United States.  Virginians have my word that as Attorney General I would utilize the full powers of my office to protect Virginia and America,” he said.

In addition to protecting national security, Smith understands the importance of defending the Bill of Rights. He is a staunch supporter of the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution, opposing red flag laws supported by Democrats and RINO Republicans.

Big League Politics has reported on the emboldened anti-gun lawmakers of Virginia as they have supported red flag laws and other heinously unconstitutional measures:

Making matters even worse, the other chamber in the Virginia legislature passed a bill to enact unconstitutional red flag laws that strip gun owners of due process in taking their guns. It passed by a 52-46 vote.

“Today we fulfilled our promise to make Virginia’s communities safer from preventable gun violence,” wrote Virginia House Speaker Eileen Filler-Corn in a statement.

“Too many Virginians have lost a family member, friend, neighbor or co-worker because their elected representatives refused to take measures to keep firearms away from those who would do harm to themselves and others,” she added.

The red flag law was one of many anti-gun bills passed by the Virginia House Democrats today. They boasted about their progress in destroying the 2nd Amendment on social media…

Unfortunately for conservatives, last week’s peaceful gun rights rally at the Virginia Capitol has not deterred the Democrats one iota. They are continuing with their march to destroy the Constitution at breakneck speed.”

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