Virginia Attorney General Steps Down From Co-Chair Position After Blackface Admission

VA AG Herring Resigns DAGA

As the nation continues to focus on Virginia, Attorney General Mark Herring stepped down from his position as co-chair of the Democratic Attorneys General Association after admitting to wearing blackface at a college party in 1980 earlier today.

Herring will step down from his position as co-chair of DAGA immediately, after admitting to reporters that he wore blackface in 1980.

According to DAGA’s press release, quoting Executive Director Sean Rankin, “AG Herring offered to step aside as co-chair this morning and the committee accepted.” The organization pledges to “continue to support our Democratic Attorneys General in their ongoing work protecting civil rights, keeping our communities and families safe, and serving as the People’s Lawyers.”

This resignation comes after Herring admitted openly to wearing blackface while performing rap music at a college party.

Big League Politics reported earlier today:

Virginia Democrat attorney general Mark Herring wore blackface at age 19 at a college party, according to Herring’s own admission.

Herring, who is third in line for governor after racist Ralph Northam and accused sexual assaulter Justin Fairfax, blames the blackface on his youthful emulation of early rapper Kurtis Blow — reminiscent of Northam’s claim that he darkened his face to look like Michael Jackson.

Herring’s statement is the latest blow for Virginia Democrats, who are still trying to figure out how to get Ralph Northam out of office for his racist yearbook photo — which might not be politically possible now, considering the scandals engulfing his next two potential gubernatorial replacements. Herring previously called for Northam to resign, stating, “It is no longer possible for Governor Northam to lead our Commonwealth and it is time for him to step down.”

At press time, DAGA has not removed Herring from its website, which notes “He is the first Democrat elected to serve as the state’s attorney general in almost a quarter century, and he’s bringing a modern approach to the job. His priorities for the people of Virginia include protecting vulnerable populations, supporting immigrant rights, combating drug abuse, helping small businesses, strengthening protections for crime victims, and increasing government accountability and transparency.”

Herring is not expected to step down from his position as the Attorney General for the state of Virginia at press time.

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