Virginia County GOP Gives Congressman Vote of ‘No Confidence’ for Officiating Gay Wedding

Libertarian-leaning Congressman Denver Riggleman (R-VA) earned some good mainstream media publicity after he recently officiated a homosexual wedding, but his county Republican Party is not as impressed by his virtue-signaling antics.

The Cumberland County Republican Committee in Virginia passed a motion of no confidence for Riggleman on Monday for participating in the gay wedding ceremony. They also chastised the Koch-funded Congressman for his lax stances on immigration enforcement and border security.

This comes shortly after the 5th District Republican Party failed at passing a censure motion to rebuke Riggleman for officiating the wedding.

“I move that the committee censure Denver Riggleman for failing to uphold the Republican Party platform in that it states ‘marriage is between one man and one woman,’” the motion against Riggleman read.

The motion was ultimately ruled as being out of order by district committee chairman Melvin Adams and dismissed. A spokesman for the committee released a statement saying that Riggleman “has full confidence in the district committee” and they support his efforts to make the GOP an “inclusive party of liberty and freedom for everyone.”

“I’m a Congressman. I represent everyone, and I’ll tell you this, really love is love, if you’re gonna talk about it that way, so that’s what I did, and I was just so proud that I was able to that, and that was my first wedding by the way,” Rep. Riggleman said to the Washington Post about his decision.

“My real belief is that government shouldn’t be involved in marriage at all, but if it is, everybody has to be treated equally before the law, and that is part of our Republican creed. And it also comes down to love is love. I’m happy to join two people together who obviously love each other,” Riggleman added.

Although Riggleman was able to avoid censure from Republicans in his district, he was not able to escape consequences from his county party. Riggleman has also recently voted to potentially give millions of third-world socialists asylum in the U.S. and legalize green card abuse to flood the U.S. with cheap labor at the behest of multinational corporations.

Riggleman has also been critical of President Donald Trump, urging him to get off Twitter while defending the late former Sen. John McCain.

Riggleman appears out of step with the Republican Party in the age of Trump, as he seems to follow his Koch-backed libertine principles rather than authentic conservative principles.

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