Virginia County Revolts Against Gun Control

In the wake of the Virginia Beach shooting, the Virginia General Assembly is heading towards a special session that could see gun control proposals moving forward.

However, one Southwest Virginia county just turned itself into a gun rights sanctuary regardless if gun control is passed or not during the special session.

The Roanoke Times reports that Carroll County supervisors passed a resolution in April decrying the “slippery slope of restrictions on … Second Amendment rights” in both Virginia and the United States. The resolution declared the county a “Second Amendment Sanctuary.”

Liberty Conservative News reported on gun right sanctuaries becoming a nationwide trend in the wake of increased gun control pressure in the wake of Parkland shooting in 2018.

The Roanoke Times breaks down the specifics of this gun rights sanctuary trend:

Most gun-rights “sanctuaries” are in the Midwest or West. The states of Kansas, Idaho, Wyoming and Alaska are gun-rights “sanctuaries.” So are a majority of counties in Illinois, New Mexico and Washington, with Colorado not far behind.

On top of that, local jurisdictions east of the Mississippi have joined in the fray:

Besides Carroll County, only a handful of localities east of the Mississippi — in North Carolina, Maryland, Tennessee, Rhode Island, Maine and New York — have declared themselves gun-rights sanctuaries.

The development of gun rights sanctuaries is one of the more positive pro-Second Amendment trends sweeping the nation.

When the federal government and state governments won’t act, the localities must pick up the slack.