Virginia County Stands Up Against Ralph “Blackface” Northam’s Arbitrary COVID Restrictions

Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam prepares to address a news conference at the Capitol in Richmond, Va., Thursday, Jan. 31, 2019. Northam made a statement and answered questions about the late term abortion bill that was killed in committee. (AP Photo/Steve Helber)

A Virginia county is now leading the way in revolting against Democrat Governor Ralph Northam draconian Wuhan virus restrictions. 

According to a ZeroHedge report, Campbell County, Virginia declared itself a “First Amendment sanctuary” in a resolution that has now made it the first local body to rebel against Northam’s orders. 

The County Board of Supervisors unanimously voted in favor of the measure last week as a  response to the limits that Northam placed on public gatherings. In addition, this measure is taking a stand against the extension of the state’s mask mandate which now includes children over the age of five. Under this order, restaurants will also be banned from selling alcohol after 10 p.m..

Campbell County’s resolution calls for the sheriff’s department to not cooperate with any state state or federal level official in “attempting to enforce the unconstitutional order of the Governor.”

This is not the first time Campbell has passed a resolution that expressed its disapproval with the state’s public policy decisions. Last year, the county declared itself a “Second Amendment sanctuary”  in response to the state government’s efforts to pass gun control. Several other counties have followed suit, thus reinforcing a much larger trend of localities beginning to take steps in nullifying unconstitutional state measures.  

Matt Cline, one of the County’s supervisors, described Northam’s order as an infringement of the First Amendment.

“The governor’s order restricts the First Amendment and this resolution is in support of the rights of the citizens. Local businesses are struggling, these are real problems, not a political issue,” Cline declared. “It isn’t right or left, these are real problems, just as covid is real.”

“It’s important to note what’s not in this resolution as well,” he continued. “It doesn’t say be cavalier, or that covid is a hoax. And it doesn’t say don’t wear a mask. It’s the responsibility of the individual.”

If Biden is installed as president, the first few months will be some of the most critical moments for the Right to start mobilizing against the Left. One of the easiest ways to do so is by engaging in mass protests against lockdowns. 

By setting the pace from the jump, the Right can position itself quite well to retake the House and ultimately lead a powerful anti-lockdown movement that could be successful electorally in 2024. Reopening the economy should be one of the principal objective of the GOP heading into 2021.

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