Virginia County Will No Longer Tell Parents if Children Change Gender Identity

The far-left maniacs at Fairfax County Public Schools in Virginia will no longer tell parents when children are questioning their “gender identity.”

This is the new official policy from the school district. Now, perverted predators can groom children, talk to them about sex, confuse them about gender, and induct them into the satanic LGBT lifestyle without their parents ever knowing! Isn’t America great?

The documents can be seen here:

Parent Stephanie Lundquist-Arora spoke to the Washington Free Beacon to express her outrage about these evil policies.

“This recent ‘gender-inclusive’ training, meant to indoctrinate teachers and keep parents from knowing critical information about their own children, is irresponsible and borderline criminal,” she said.

Big League Politics has reported on how LGBT teachers plot to groom children and brainwash them into adopting their depraved lifestyle as they recruit new precocious youngsters for their sexual enjoyment:

A whistleblower has exposed how teachers and administrators in public schools are plotting to set-up “Rainbow Clubs” or Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) groups order to groom children and indoctrinate them into the LGBT agenda.

The whistleblower, a self-described “reformed” social justice warrior named Christina Buttons, infiltrated a webinar in which LGBT educators and advocates plotted the best ways to target children and warp their souls without their parents being able to realize what happened until it is too late.

“Something I do say to students…in my class and then quickly go into the other 5th grader classes and say, just so you know it’s completely your option if you want to come or not, umm, but I told them I don’t ever tell anyone else who came except for the other two 5th grade teachers, so I would never tell their adults…just to make sure that any of them who are potentially nervous would at least feel assuaged in that way,” one of the predators said as they shared their grooming techniques with other teachers.

“The only formal, like, communication that we’ve sent home was to 4th and 5th grade students. We told them it wasn’t a permission slip, it was something that was one-way communication to home about our club, and I didn’t hear any push back from anybody regarding that. But also we intentionally left it broad in that it was a club about acceptance, tolerance, diversity and identity, and then on-campus, we do announce it to all the grades when we are having an event,” another groomer said, sharing best practices on how to deceive parents about the nature of their agenda.

“I think at the elementary school level, at least in my school which is in Western Massachusetts, it begins even before starting the club, so just beginning with making sure you have inclusive curricula at your school, that your school has a welcoming culture, that you’re using lots of vocabulary that has to do with gender and sexuality and…I think then you can start to introduce the idea of beginning to build a GSA or a Rainbow Club,” another teacher said, explaining how LGBT education naturally leads to the grooming of children.

The organized cabal of child predators will keep pushing until they are stopped. Christian Nationalism is the only way to defeat this menace with society so far off the rails.

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