VIRGINIA: GOP Says They Are Hearing Reports of Maskless Voters Being Turned Away, Despite NO Mask Rule

The Arlington GOP in Virginia and the state party both sounded the alarm Tuesday about a potential voter suppression trend based around facemasks. It’s Election Day in Virginia, with insurgent Republican Glenn Youngkin taking on establishment Democrat and Clinton crony Terry McAuliffe in the Commonwealth gubernatorial race.

“There have been several reports from voters who say they were told by poll workers that they are required to wear a mask in order to vote. To be clear, if someone is not wearing a face covering they may NOT be turned away or refused their right to vote,” stated the Virginia GOP.

“We are hearing reports of people being turned away from voting for not wearing a mask. You may not be turned away for this reason. If you experience this, let us know ASAP,” Arlington GOP stated.

Arlington GOP is correct that voters cannot be legally turned away from the polls for not wearing a mask. If poll workers do this, that would constitute actual voter suppression.

Virginia Elections Commissioner Chris Piper recently admitted that “If voters do not have a mask they will be asked to wear one and possible could be offered a mask if there are extra and be offered the opportunity to vote curbside. Ultimately, a voter will not be turned away if they are not wearing a mask but the department strongly encourages them to do so to keep themselves and others around them safe.”

Nevertheless, globalists are trying to use Coronavirus to control election standards. As I reported, the Broward County Supervisor of Elections in Florida recently ordered aspiring poll workers to show proof that they are vaccinated — a very concerning mandate that, if adopted broadly, would effectively eliminate Medical Freedom supporters from working the polls in American elections.

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