Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin Vetoes Gun Control Bills

On March 8, 2024 Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin vetoed several gun control bills 

One bill he vetoed was one that would have strengthened rules mandating people accused or convicted of domestic abuse to turn over their firearms. The proposal would have prevented those firearms owners from handing the weapons to someone else in the same household or any individual below the age of 21. In the veto statement he issued, Youngkin stated that he was gravely concerned with the “arbitrary age prohibition” and the potential for “disarming individuals not subject to a court order.”

“Make no mistake, Virginia should ensure that domestic abusers are dealt with appropriately, and those who resort to illegal firearm use, especially, should face severe and harsh punishments,” Youngkin declared in his veto. “The legislation fails to achieve its intended purpose and is unnecessary.”

The governor also made  a recommendation that major changes be made to a bill that would have mandated school boards to inform parents about firearm risks and safe storage laws.

Virginia has gone down an anti-gun path in the last decade. It’s currently ranked in 35th place according to Guns & Ammo magazine’s best states for gun owners rankings. Yougkin’s veto was much needed. 

However, for the Old Dominion to have any restoration of the right to bear arms, it will need a full-blown pro-gun takeover of the Virginia state legislature. 


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