Virginia Public School Teachers Form Doxxing Groups to Destroy the Lives of Parents Who Oppose Anti-White Curriculum

A group of public school teachers and other far-left extremists in Loudoun County, Virginia have created a doxxing group on social media targeting parents who oppose an anti-white curriculum.

The Facebook group, “Anti-Racist Parents of Loudoun County,” contains teachers and elected officials, according to reporting from The Daily Wire. They plotted ways to “infiltrate” parents’ groups, deploy “hackers” to target the communications of parents, and “expose these people publicly.”

The members of the Facebook group are obsessed with destroying critics of Critical Race Theory, an inherently racist anti-white marxist doctrine that is now being taught to federal officials.

“I wanted to share that I’m very concerned that the [anti-] CRT movement for lack of better word is gaining support,” school board member Beth Barts said.

“Regarding the anti-CRT movement, we’d like to compile a document of all known actors and supporters. Please comment below with legal names of these individuals, area of residence and or school board Rep known, known accounts on social media, and any other info that you feel is relevant,” wrote Hilary Hultman-Lee, a former Latin teacher at Potomac Falls High School who now works as an educational consultant.

A mother named Jen Durham issued a call to arms for CRT proponents to institute a terror regime of sorts against their opponents:

This is a call for volunteers to combat the anti-CRT activities of the P.A.C.T. folks, the stoplcpscrt website, and the like. Looking for folks who are interested in volunteering to organize, lead, execute, and donate regarding the following points:

  • Gather information (community mailing lists, list of folks who are in charge of the anti-CRT movement, lists of local lawmakers/folks in charge)
  • Infiltrate (create fake online profiles and join these groups to collect and communicate information, hackers who can either shut down their websites or redirect them to pro-CRT/anti-racist informational webpages)
  • Spread information (expose these people publicly, create online petitions, create counter-mailings)
  • Find a way to gather donations for these efforts. Volunteering is great, but these activities can be costly and not everyone has extra funds readily available

Anyone who is interested in this, please feel free to comment here or PM me directly and indicate what you can help with. Then we can hold a kickoff call and start on action items.

Loudoun County prosecutor Buta Biberaj is reportedly a member of the group. She received a donation of $845,000 from progressive oligarch George Soros propelling her to the position. This makes it unlikely for these far-left extremists to be held criminally liable for their abusive behavior.

The insidious far-left threat dominates the school system and has seized institutional power throughout society. They have emerged as an existential threat to Western Civilization that is unparalleled.

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