Virginia Set to Become First US State to REQUIRE Masks, Even Though Northam Has Refused to Wear One

The commonwealth of Virginia is set to become the first U.S state to require that face masks be worn in public places to deter the spread of coronavirus.

Controversial governor Ralph Northam announced that he’s going to mandate the wearing of facemasks in all public places where people congregate during a Tuesday press conference. The Democrat is requiring their use in retail spaces, government facilities, and public transportation. They’re also required in restaurants, except for when people are eating.

The facemask requirement is apparently going to be enforced by Virginia’s Health Department as opposed to law enforcement. The governor’s chief of staff described what he feared would be “tremendous equity issues” if the rule was enforced by law.

Considering it’s doubtful Virginia’s Health Department has the resources or power to ensure that every citizen of the state wear a facemask in all public places, it looks likely that the rule is more of a broad suggestion than a serious public health requirement.

While Northam is requiring that everyday citizens of the state wear facemasks, he hasn’t been so cautious. The controversial governor was caught at the shorefront of Virginia Beach without a facemask, and in close proximity to other people in a fashion that violated social distancing guidelines. The governor later apologized and took responsibility for his refusal to abide by his own health rules.


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