Virginia’s Glenn Youngkin Bans CRT in Schools, Ends Statewide Mask Mandate in Day 1 Executive Orders

Immediately following his inauguration as Virginia’s Governor on Saturday, Glenn Youngkin signed a flurry of executive orders terminating left-wing policies implemented by his successor and delivering on several of his campaign promises.

Youngkin has signed executive orders barring the teaching of anti-white critical race theory in Virginia’s schools, removing a statewide public education mask mandate, and removing a vaccine mandate for state government employees.

Youngkin also signed an executive order directing his attorney general to investigate allegations of corruption and wrongdoing in Loudoun County’s education system, where school board members are accused of covering up a series of sex crimes committed by a cross-dressing student who has been convicted of a rape inside of a girl’s bathroom.

Youngkin assailed the divisive hatred of critical race theory in his inaugural address, recognizing that parents will always have a place in constructing the curriculum their children are educated with in state public schools.

Youngkin’s attorney general, Jason Minyares, also fired the state’s civil rights litigation unit, a group of progressive lawyers employed by his predecessors to wage leftist lawfare against the citizens of the commonwealth. Minyares is pledging to prosecute crimes that Soros-controlled progressive district attorneys are declining to prosecute, contravening local and county anarcho-tyranny at the state level.

Youngkin’s Day 1 political program potentially offers a slew of policies for Republican gubernatorial candidates to copy across the country, taking aim at some of the most unpopular elements of the Democrat racialist woke agenda. 

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