Virginia’s Ralph Northam Caught At Beach Without Facemask, Social Distancing

A new photo has emerged of controversial Virginia Governor Ralph Northam inspecting safety measures while inspecting a public beach at Virginia Beach. In the photo, Northam is neither wearing a facemask or keeping six feet of distance away from other people, as suggested by social distancing guidelines.

Northam was caught engaging in the hypocritical conduct on Saturday.

As Governor, he’s urged Virginians to wear face masks and to maintain social distance from others. The state is currently slated to keep its stay-at-home restrictions in place for a lengthier duration than other states, with one public health official claiming that the state’s reopening would be a “two year affair.”

The Governor’s staff issued an excuse for his irresponsible conduct on Saturday, claiming ignorance towards the possibility of entering close proximity with other people.

This isn’t the first report suggesting that Governor Northam is engaging in rank hypocrisy amidst widespread disruption to the lives of everyday citizens during the coronavirus epidemic. Multiple witnesses in Dare County, North Carolina, have claimed that either Northam or his personal family members have violated both county and state stay-at-home restrictions through travel to Northam’s luxurious oceanfront vacation home. Northam denied the reports, but is yet to answer why cars with his distinguishable license plates have been arriving at the gated community where his vacation home is.

The beachfront incident is perhaps the latest corroborating evidence of hypocrisy and an elitist double standard. Luxury and leisure for me, and restrictions for thee?


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