VIVA Francisco!: Rosenstein’s Next-In-Line Is Feared By Democrats

WASHINGTON — Noel Francisco, the solicitor general who stands to oversee the Robert Mueller investigation after Rod Rosenstein’s removal, is a lawyer whose recent firm represented the President Donald Trump campaign.

Rod Rosenstein has verbally resigned and his resignation has been accepted by the White House according to reporting by Bloomberg, CNN, Axios, Sara Carter, and others. Rosenstein will have a meeting with President Trump on Thursday.

The mainstream media is clearly afraid, on behalf of their friends in the Democratic Party, of Noel Francisco determining the parameters of the Mueller probe after Rosenstein is forced to finally move on. That’s why the media is already trying to implant the narrative that Francisco might recuse himself from the Mueller case like Jeff Sessions.

It’s good that Francisco is next in line, because Rosenstein brought a team of people from U.S. Attorney world in Maryland, and the Department of Justice is still stacked with anti-Trump conspirators, though some have already been shown the door. (RELATED: Anti-Trump Conspirator At DOJ Set To Resign After Big League Politics Report).

Francisco came to his government position in 2017 over the voted objections of Democrats. He came from Jones Day, the law firm that represented President Trump’s campaign.

When Trump travelled to Washington to meet with RNC leaders after becoming the presumptive Republican nominee in 2016, he met with the back-stabbing Republicans at the Jones Day firm for his own protection, and for the respect that Jones Day commands.

If Francisco oversees Mueller, he is likely to set some parameters for the angry witch hunt, which still rambles on despite no evidence whatsoever that Trump obstructed justice in a fake “Russia” set-up against him.

Francisco was a lawyer in the Bush administration and for Virginia governor Bob McDonell, according to USA Today.

So of course, Adam Schiff and other Democrats are begging Rosenstein not to resign. Too Late! He already verbally resigned and he can’t take it back.

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