Vladimir Putin and Alexander Lukashenko Team Up to Confront the Collective West

Earlier this month, Russian President Vladimir Putin and Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko expressed in separate interviews the dangers of Western confrontation with the Russian civilizational space during the Russo-Ukrainian war.

These remarks came at a time when Russia placed tactical nukes on Belarusian bases.

During an interview on Rossiya-1 television on June 14, 2023, Lukashenko said that nations of the Collective West are very scared that a new, full-fledged war will kick off across  Europe, creating a “global catastrophe”. 

“I have met with people playing an important role in this, who make radical, drastic and final decisions in the event of an `if’,’” Lukashenko stated. “What they fear most is a nuclear disaster, and they have been sincere about this. They are afraid of using nuclear weapons in Ukraine. It’s only natural,” he continued.

Lukashenko emphasized  that Belarus certainly seeks to avoid this as well. “We are not seeking that either, and we, too, are afraid. Because this, experts say, could cause a global catastrophe, and this planet may deorbit, if all these weapons explode,” Lukashenko stated.

The Belarusian President’s statement came the same day he confirmed that Belarus has started taking the delivery of Russian tactical nukes on its territory, a move that is in line within announcements which has kept Western leaders up at night. Per a report by Russian-State media outlet TASS, Lukashenko said the following:

“According to Lukashenko, Russia may use nukes, if the enemy invades its territory or if this act of aggression threatens the existence of the state. He urged talks as long as there is an opportunity for them, but the West, he said, has been banning Ukraine from engaging in any.”

“I am confident and I have it on good information that the overwhelming majority in Ukraine, including the military who has been fighting and getting killed over there, would like to stop this war now,” the Belarusian leader highlighted. “But then there are those hyped-up top-level officials led by [Ukrainian President] Volodya Zelensky. He is a `hero’ now, touring the globe. He is being kissed, hugged and all that. I thought he was smarter,” Lukashenko continued.

On a separate occasion, Putin warned about a nightmare scenario of “the fire of war will engulf the whole of Europe” if the West’s basest, bellicose instincts are not contained. 

Geopolitical commentator Pepe Escobar was able to translate Putin’s statements with regards to the broader West vs. Russia conflict: 

“We were forced to try to end the war that the West started in 2014 by force of arms. And Russia will end this war by force of arms, freeing the entire territory of the former Ukraine from the United States and Ukrainian Nazis. There are no other options.

The Ukrainian army of the US and NATO will be defeated, no matter what new types of weapons it receives from the West. The more weapons there are, the fewer Ukrainians and what used to be Ukraine will remain.”

Putin stressed that “Direct intervention by NATO’s European armies will not change the outcome. But in this case, the fire of war will engulf the whole of Europe. It looks like the US is ready for that too.”

Putin also hinted at Russia being “ready” for a worst case scenario should the current geopolitical situation continue spiraling out of control.  

It’s anyone’s guess what will eventually unfold in Russia. One thing is clear though: The Collective West is playing with fire in its continued supply of military and economic aid to Ukraine. 

If we want geopolitical tensions to ease up, stopping aid to Ukraine and promoting the start of peace talks is of the essence.

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