Vladimir Putin is Confident that US-Supplied Patriot Air Defense Systems Will be Destroyed in Ukraine 

During an appearance on Rossiya-1 television on December 25, 2022, Russian President Vladimir Putin declared that Russia will destroy United States-supplied Patriot air defense systems if they end up on the battlefield in Ukraine. 

“Of course, we’ll take them out, 100%!” he said during an interview with journalist Pavel Zarubin.

Putin observed that Ukraine doesn’t have access to these missile systems thus far. 

Before reporters on December 22, 2022, Putin declared that “the Patriot is a fairly outdated system” and an “antidote” to these missile systems will be discovered.

Talks about Patriot missile systems being used in Ukraine reached a boiling point after the US government announced a new Ukrainian military aid package following  Ukrainian President Volodymr Zelensky’s visit to Washington in late December. When Zelensky was visiting the US, the Biden regime announced a new military package totaling $1.85 billion. This package featured the Patriot air defense system and is just the latest move to show that the US is continuing to ramp up tensions in Ukraine.

It cannot be stressed enough that by indiscriminately pouring aid into Ukraine, the US is becoming a co-belligerent in this conflict. On top of that, the increased aid raises the stakes for Russia, which views this conflict as an existential matter. The result will be further death and destruction. 

The US should do everything possible to stop military, economic, and intelligence aid to Ukraine. From there, it should be up to Russia and Ukraine, and relevant European third parties to settle this matter among themselves. 

The US has too many other fish to fry at home to get involved in a Slav-on-Slav ethnic conflict thousands of miles away.

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