Voters Are Not That Enthusiastic About Padding Gun Control 

After every mass shooting there’s the usual push by the corporate press to demand gun.control. recent spate of mass shootings have only accelerated these demands,

However, there is evidence to show that the American public isn’t so gung-ho about passing gun control .

According to an NBC News report, they found in pre-2022 midterms polling that gun control was one of the least prioritized issues by voters at the time. The poll asked voters what is “the most important issue facing the country.” 

A measly 3% of voters identified guns as the most important issue. A Other topics such as “threats to democracy” (23%) “jobs and the economy” (20%), “cost of living” (17%),“abortion” (9%) “immigration” (8%) “crime” (6%), “health care” (4%), and “climate change” (4%) were prioritized by the voters.   

Indeed, Americans still have strong pro-gun instincts. Even among Democratic voters, there is a general respect for the right to bear arms. With how incompetent law enforcement officers have become, in addition to the de facto war pro-criminal politicians have waged against them, many Americans have lost confidence in law enforcement’s ability to serve and protect.  As a result, they must turn to the right to bear arms to protect themselves. All in all, Gun Control Inc will have a tough time passing gun control via conventional legislative means. It will likely rely on corporate gun control, deplatforming, debanking, and lawsuits against firearms manufacturers to move its anti-gun agenda forward. 

This will require intense preparation on Second Amendment defenders’ part because the way they’re accustomed to fighting the Left is outdated in a time when the enemy is becoming more unconventional in its strategy. 


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