Voting Third Party? Libertarian Party Endorses Illegal Immigration

Libertarian Party Endorses Illegal Immigration

In its latest attempt to perhaps court Democrat voters, the Libertarian Party announced that it does not support classifying those who cross the U.S.-Mexico border illegally as criminals.

The Libertarian Party made its pro-illegal immigrant stance clear in a new statement posted to Facebook, in which it claimed those who illegally enter the country through improper methods should not be considered criminals, and suggested that “all individuals have the same natural rights regardless of their citizenship.

Ironically, the statement also said that the Libertarian Party believes the government’s only legitimate purpose is to protect the “natural rights of individuals from the initiation of force or fraud,” apparently not realizing the massive numbers of identity fraud that happen in illegal immigrant communities.

It was revealed this year that the IRS selectively ignores rampant theft of social security numbers used by illegal immigrants to secure jobs and otherwise commit identity fraud.

One example of fraud is the use of two stolen social security numbers by the alleged killer of slain California police officer Corporal Ronil Singh, who had two stolen social security numbers flagged after he used them to either gain employment or make large purchases.

Big League Politics reported:

Gustavo Perez Arriaga was using two fake Social Security numbers, according to available information provided by a source close to law enforcement: 537-89-0142 and 667-28-2314. Those numbers were in use by other people, which would have made it even easier to catch.

The source now confirms that Arriaga’s fake Social Security numbers were flagged because he used them either to obtain employment or to make large-scale purchases such as for housing or an automobile.

Arriaga is a case study in the effects of this Social Security scam, which helps illegal immigrants remain in the United States. It’s a scam the IRS actively turns a blind eye to.

This marks the Libertarian Party’s first potential blunder of 2019, after the party fell further into obscurity last year after refusing to allow former Congressman Dr. Ron Paul to speak at its annual party convention.

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