Vox Dances on Milo’s Grave, Celebrates De-Platforming

Far left Vox hit a new low Monday when it published a piece celebrating the financial woes of right wing commentator Milo Yiannopoulos due to his complete de-platforming from the internet.

“What this episode shows is that under the right circumstances, the controversial no-platforming tactics — which range from activists noisily disrupting speeches to big tech corporations banning provocateurs from their platforms — really can work,” said Zack Beauchamp, the piece’s author.

“There’s no evidence that Yiannopoulos’s no-platforming led to his ideas and personality gaining a kind of underground popularity, as some free speech advocates believe happens when speech is repressed. Instead, they simply went six feet under,” he celebrated.

If there was any question as to whether the communist left wants to utterly destroy the political left via Silicon Valley silencing, this should serve as proof.

To further its case in favor of de-platforming, Vox pointed to the case of radio show host Alex Jones, who was also completely banned from any meaningful internet platform.

“In August, key social media platforms — Facebook, YouTube, and Apple News — banned conspiracy theorist Alex Jones and his factually challenged site Infowars,” the piece said. “Jones claimed after the banning that it would only make him more popular, that “’the more I’m persecuted, the stronger I get.’”

According to Vox, who cited a New York Times report, that is not the case, and Jones’ listenership has dropped substantially.

The piece also celebrated Big League Politics contributor Laura Loomer’s Twitter ban, falsely labeling her “anti-Muslim” and calling her “tenuous.”

Beauchamp acknowledge that there could be a downside – that people he likes just might end up getting banned too. To illustrate that brilliant analysis, he sympathetically defended former CNN commentator Marc Lamont Hill, who was recently fired after using a phrase often touted by terrorist organization HAMAS to call for the destruction of Israel.

Yiannopoulos was not immediately available for comment.


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