W.H.O. Creates Bailout Fund for Vaccine Consortium Distributing Novel COVID-19 Shots in Poor Nations

The World Health Organization (WHO) is offering compensation to poor nations over damages caused by experimental COVID-19 vaccines that are already causing horrific side effects on a grand scale.

This is the first ever vaccine injury compensation program that has been offered on an international scale, as the WHO attempts to paper over the havoc caused by Big Pharma’s warp speed shots.

“By providing a no-fault lump-sum compensation in full and final settlement of any claims, the COVAX programme aims to significantly reduce the need for recourse to the law courts, a potentially lengthy and costly process,” the WHO said in a press release, contending that the hush money will be doled out to victims in “a fast, fair, robust and transparent process.”

The leaders of the COVAX program, which is a partnership set up by the WHO and the Gavi vaccine alliance, are happy that their inefficient disastrous program will be given a bailout to facilitate even more atrocities throughout the third world.

“It helps those in countries who might have such effects, manufacturers to roll out vaccines to countries faster, and is a key benefit for lower-income governments procuring vaccines through (COVAX),” said Seth Berkley, who works as the chief executive for Gavi.

While individuals in these poor countries are at least receiving compensation after being violated by these shots, residents of first-world nations are not so lucky.

Big League Politics has reported on how Big Pharma is exempted from liability in the U.S. when their COVID-19 vaccines cause damages:

The US government has granted Pfizer and Moderna immunity from liability in case people develop severe side effects from their COVID-19 vaccines.

The Public Readiness and Emergency Preparedness (PREP) Act allows the Department of Health and Human Services to provide liability immunity for “certain medical countermeasures,” such as vaccines, except in cases of “willful misconduct.”

According to CNBC, someone who develops severe side effects from a COVID-19 vaccine can neither sue the FDA for authorizing the vaccine, nor one’s employer for mandating it.

And although it is theoretically possible to receive money from the government to cover lost wages and out-of-pocket medical expenses following “irreparable harm” from a vaccine, only 29 claims—6 percent of all claims—have received compensation over the past decade.

In short, don’t count on compensation for a COVID-19 vaccine gone wrong. And don’t count on seeing any of those “you may be entitled to financial compensation” commercials for it either.

The United Nations is already scapegoating first-world nations that are objecting to this insane and backward vaccine regime. The globalist technocracy is taking shape, and the horrors are outpacing the terrifying vision outlined by George Orwell in 1984.

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