W.H.O. Says Coronavirus ‘May Never Go Away’ and the Public Must Accept Lockdown as New Normal

The World Health Organization (WHO) is warning the public that the coronavirus “may never go away” and to get used to the Draconian lockdown conditions as the new normal.

“I think it’s important to to put this on the table: this virus may become just another endemic virus in our communities and this virus may never go away,” said Dr. Mike Ryan, director of the WHO’s Health Emergencies program, during a recent press conference in Geneva.

Ryan compares the coronavirus to HIV, the disease that scientists at one point alleged inserts of which were contained within COVID-19. HIV has plagued the world for decades, and Ryan wants the world to think of coronavirus as having a similar impact.

“HIV has not gone away, we’ve come to terms with the virus and we have found the therapies and we found the prevention methods and people don’t feel as scared as they did before and we’re offering life to people with HIV, long healthy lives to people with HIV,” Ryan said.

WHO has led the way in pushing the propaganda regarding the “new normal,” meaning that the world’s freedoms will never return after to the coronavirus pandemic.

“People understandably want to get on with their lives, because their lives and livelihoods are at stake,” That’s what WHO wants too. And that’s what we are working for, all day, every day,” Tedros Adhanom said in an address last month.

“But the world will not and cannot go back to the way things were,” he added. “There must be a “new normal” – a world that is healthier, safer and better prepared.”

However, the WHO has made global recovery from the coronavirus pandemic far more difficult every step of the way because of their constant shilling for China.

The organization is haunted by this January tweet in which they repeated Chinese propaganda verbatim about the illness and worsened the situation immeasurably as a result:

The WHO is doing everything to keep the fear going after helping to create the problem initially.

‘The trajectory is in our hands, and it’s everybody’s business, and we should all contribute to stop this pandemic,’ Tedros said.

“We need to get into the mindset that it is going to take some time to come out of this pandemic,” WHO epidemiologist Maria van Kerkhove said.

The globalists have sunk to new levels of treachery during the coronavirus pandemic, and the WHO is leading the way in that regard.

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