WACTH: Biden Embarrasses America Every Time He “Speaks”

President Joe Biden’s rapidly declining mental state is an utter embarrassment to our country, and everybody knows it – even while the corporate press refuses to report on it.

Remember when these same people used to smear Trump daily for being “unfit” for the job?


As Clay Travis said in the tweet above, “Joe Biden isn’t well.”

“This is an embarrassment to our country and the world. He can barely read. Everyone can see the look in his eyes here, he’s lost,” he continued.

It’s no wonder that the majority of Americans believe Joe Biden is in poor mental health, with only 28% saying he’s in good or excellent health.

A recent Rasmussen poll found that 51% of likely U.S. voters say Biden is not mentally fit to serve as president, while only 28% consider him mentally fit.

21% more of those surveyed said they were undecided on the matter.

These numbers are absolutely staggering, and it’s time for something to be done about it. Our country cannot afford to have a President who is this far gone mentally, as it’s a national security risk at this point.

Don’t forget that the man has only been the leader of the free world for a little over a year. With 3 more years still to go.

Not to mention a potential second term, if for some reason, the Democrats try to campaign Biden again.

What’s worse is that the corporate press continues to defend Biden after every gaff, lie, and blatant falsehood. No matter what Biden says, there will always be a fact-checker to gaslight the American public by “educating” them on what the president really meant by what he said.

In other words, essentially telling Americans not to believe their own lying eyes.

Without dropping too many “what-about-isms,” former president Trump would have never received this kind of treatment.

On average, Biden personally speaks to the American public for about 15 minutes a day. In contrast, Trump spoke for an average of 45 minutes a day during his presidency.

Florida Congressman Bryon Donalds had this to say about Biden’s cognitive decline:

“[Biden’s] obvious and rapidly worsening cognitive decline is no laughing matter despite every attempt from him and others to laugh it off,” he said.

“I can tell you China, Iran, North Korea, Russia, and Venezuela are laughing the most at OUR expense,” he continued.

With record-high inflation, a southern border crisis, upcoming food shortages, unprecedented culture wars, and a raging war in Ukraine, many Americans are beginning to demand answers as to why Biden’s health concerns are being ignored.

Surely all of this is still somehow Putin’s fault.

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