Wait, What? AOC Calls For Jailbreak Bail Abolition

In the wake of the horrific attack in Waukesha, AOC calls for lower bail.

In the wake of the deadly attack in Waukesha, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez sent out yet another tone deaf tweet. The criminal in the Waukesha attack had been released on 1,000 dollars bail prior to his rampage. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez sent out a tweet saying “today we sent a letter with Rep. Maloney and Rep. Raskin to NYC’s 5 District attorneys requesting information on excessive bail in the NYC court system.”

AOC is showing a tone deafness that is hard to match. Recently Republican candidates throughout the country ran on a law and order platform. The defund the police movement is now out of vogue. In addition crime is surging throughout NYC. Ocasio-Cortez went on to tweet “when prosecutors seek excessive cash bail, it results in increased rates of incarceration particularly low income defendants.” New York City has been plagued with crime resulting from bail reform. In the aftermath of an attack by a man recently freed on low bail.

Milwaukee District Attorney John Chisholm was responsible for releasing the Waukesha attacker. He has been a supporter of bail reform and praised Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascon. As previously reported at Big League Politics he was a George Soros pick.

Bail reform was among the issues on the ballot in the last election. The voters rejected the Obama-Soros agenda of being soft on crime. Sadly, people like AOC refuse to stand up for law and order. Instead they opt to undermine the rule of law. AOC and The Democrat party are undermining the rule of law in NYC and around the country. AOC is showing she does not believe in law and order.

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