‘Walk Away’ Founder Brandon Straka Arrested for Allegedly Participating in U.S. Capitol Siege

Pro-Trump activist Brandon Straka, who founded the #WalkAway movement to encourage patriots to join the MAGA movement, has been arrested for participating in the U.S. Capitol siege on Jan. 6.

According to KETV, Straka has been charged with “impeding law enforcement during a civil disorder, knowingly entering and remaining on restricted ground without lawful authority and/or engaging in disorderly conduct within proximity to a restricted building to impede official functions and engaging in disorderly conduct with intent to disturb a hearing before Congress.”

Even though Straka never engaged in any violence and was a peaceful protester throughout the demonstration, he is being punished for his words. Straka refused to throw his fellow protesters under the bus after the fact, which many conservatives did out of fear and desperation.

“Patriots at the Capitol – HOLD. THE. LINE!!!!” Straka wrote in one tweet used by authorities to paint him as a criminal.

“I arrived at the Capitol a few hours ago as Patriots were storming from all sides. I was quite close to entering myself as police began tear-gassing us from the door. I inhaled tear gas & got it in my eyes. Patriots began exiting shortly after saying Congress had been cleared,” he wrote in another tweet.

“I’m completely confused. For 6-8 weeks everybody on the right has been saying ‘1776!’ & that if congress moves forward it will mean a revolution! So congress moves forward. Patriots storm the Capitol – now everybody is virtual signaling their embarrassment that this happened,” Straka wrote.

“Also- be embarrassed & hide if you need to- but I was there. It was not Antifa at the Capitol. It was freedom loving Patriots who were DESPERATE to fight for the final hope of our Republic because literally nobody cares about them. Everyone else can denounce them. I will not,” he added.

“Perhaps I missed the part where it was agreed this would be a revolution of ice cream cones & hair-braiding parties to take our government back from lying, cheating globally interested swamp parasites. My bad,” wrote Straka.

Straka’s comments paint the picture of the Capitol siege being a historic uprising against government tyranny in the vein of the founding-era revolutionaries, not an ANTIFA-led false flag as many disingenuous right-wing commentators have claimed.

Big League Politics has attempted to shine light on the disinformation that has circulated widely about the Jan. 6 mayhem:

Less than a week after the infamous U.S. Capitol siege took place, many conservative talking heads – perhaps in an attempt to protect President Donald Trump from the nuclear fall-out – are claiming that ANTIFA terrorists were responsible for the mayhem that ultimately resulted in five people dead…

However, investigative work by Big League Politics shows that there is no real evidence showing that this event was promulgated or set up by ANTIFA and the political establishment.

In fact, there is more evidence showing that this was a spontaneous uprising of angry patriots who have been pushed past the breaking point.

As a reporter who was embedded in the thick of the chaotic scene, I personally witnessed protesters singing “God Bless America” and “I’m Proud to be an American” while they were being tear gassed and flash banged by authorities.

Protesters were risking life and limb to climb up scaffolding to wave the American flag and boldly display their patriotism. Chants included “USA! USA!” and “We the People,” with constitutional iconography being found everywhere…

Does this seem like the optics of an ANTIFA rally, or a pro-American uprising? Big Tech entities are scrambling to censor footage of the rally so that they can control the narrative about what actually took place, so people cannot understand this was a pro-freedom revival in the vein of the Founding Fathers.

Additionally, much of the “evidence” showing that prominent protesters seen inside the Capitol were ANTIFA has already been debunked.

Straka may become a political prisoner for the MAGA movement as American democracy disintegrates.

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