Wannabe Comedian Claims Her Abortions Are ‘BREATHTAKING’

An aspiring “comedian” took abortion jokes too far last week in attempt to gain retweets.

Marcella Arguello tweeted that she looks “breathtaking” while having an abortion because she is literally “taking someone’s breath”, and it is “beautiful”.

This attempt at awful humor is the polar opposite of funny. Arguello fully admits that abortion is taking a child’s breath. Not caring that abortion is taking the life of a pre-born child, Arguello jumped at the chance to make a “joke”. While her attempt was to normalize abortion, she actual gave humanistic qualities to the pre-born by labeling the baby as “someone”.

Apparently, this is the low that wannabe comedians have gone to, to try and bring their name into the spotlight. Congrats Marcella, you’re in the spotlight. But it’s not for your jokes. Numerous outlets have highlighted Arguello’s beyond offensive tweet as going way too far. LiveAction described that the tweet “revealed a truth: that abortion takes the life of an actual human being”. The Daily Wire stated that the tweet “was obviously meant for shock value, but was also a litmus test for abortion supporters to see how radical they are.”

Of course, Arguello tried to use the coverage of her vile tweet to her advantage – thanking her “perfect abortion tweet”.

But, let’s not forget the backlash that comedian Kevin Hart received after using the word “gay” in some of his stand-ups and tweets from years ago. In lighthearted comedy, Hart described telling his son not to play with girly toys because “that’s gay”. Hart’s tweets from 2009 were labeled as ‘homophobic’, resulting in him stepping down from hosting the Oscars. Cosmopolitan Magazine described his tweets as “really, really awful”. Hart, after facing so much hate for simply using the word, has apologized yet continues to face resentment from Hollywood.

Interestingly, Cosmopolitan – amongst other Hollywood insiders – have not demanded an apology from Arguello for her overly offensive tweet. Her verbally abusive tweet is being labeled as “comedy”, giving it a pass.

Apparently, jokes about literally taking away a baby’s breath are more accepted than jokes about a certain group of people.

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