Wannabe Rapper Who Posted Video of MAGA Hat Theft Deletes Post

An aspiring rapper who posted a video to Twitter showing two men – one who appears to be the “rapper” himself – assaulting a man in a Make America Great Again hat, has deleted the post after backlash.

“Not Around Here Pimp… Ain’t None Of That Make America Great Again Shit,” a grown man who calls himself 3ohblack captioned a video posted to Twitter.

The video shows two men – one of whom appears to be 3ohblack – snatching a MAGA hat off the head of an Asian man. The victim was walking with a group of other Asian men, all of whom were minding their own business. The Tweet quickly garnered thousands of likes and Retweets.

But as of Thursday morning, the video was no longer available on the rapper’s Twitter timeline. Several big name conservative commentators, including Mark Dice, remarked that the perpetrators should be arrested.

“Have these thugs been identified and arrested yet?” Dice said.

His post, too, was shared far and wide.

The rapper might have deleted the Tweet, but the internet is forever. Several Twitter users downloaded and reposted it, even after its deletion.

“Fixed it,” one user said, reposting the video tagging the rapper’s Twitter handle.

There have been several incidents of MAGA hats triggering leftists which have gone viral online. All of them have ended poorly for the perpetrators.

A man who tossed a drink in the face of a teenager wearing a MAGA hat at a Texas restaurant was arrested and charged with felony theft of a person. A woman who assaulted a man wearing a MAGA hat in a Massachusetts restaurant was arrested and subsequently turned over to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), as she was an illegal alien.

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