WAPO POLL: 65% of Americans Support Immigration Moratorium During Coronavirus Outbreak, 69% of Latinos

New polling from the Washington Post on the matter of an immigration moratorium during the midst of the coronavirus epidemic shows an overwhelming support among the general public for the policy, suggesting a political imperative for President Donald Trump to go even further with his current immigration pause during the epidemic.

A whopping 65% of Americans stated that they support “temporarily blocking nearly all immigration during COVID outbreak.

The Washington Post-University of Maryland poll queried more than 1,000 American voters nationwide through phone interviews.

Perhaps most notably, 49% of Democrats are on board with a temporary immigration moratorium during the coronavirus crisis.

The existing immigration pause President Donald Trump has instituted is considerably lacking, only pausing the approval of new green cards while continuing the inflow of visa workers to the United States in an environment where millions of American workers are losing their jobs.

Original drafts of the immigration moratorium would’ve effectively shut off the inflow of migration into the country, providing considerable economic incentive for major American employers to hire Americans who lost their jobs as a result of the recession accompanying the virus. Pro-business White House interests such as Jared Kushner have been described as essential in the lobbying effort to water down the moratorium.

The President should strongly consider enacting his original vision for an immigration moratorium in light of polling that demonstrates strong public support for such a policy. It’s well past time to put Americans First in an era of widespread unemployment and economic insecurity.

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