WaPo Pushes Northam Racism Scandal, Ignores Fairfax Rape Allegations

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The Washington Post continued its bizarre coverage of the Virginia’s scandal-plagued elected Democrats, opting to hit the Gov. Ralph Northam for his racist past, but ignoring Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax’s alleged history of sexual assault.

“Having bumbled his way through a racial scandal mainly of his own creation, Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam (D) promised in February to elevate racial equity to the top of his agenda,” said in a piece titled “Ralph Northam still hasn’t explained the racist yearbook photo.”

“Two months later, he has undertaken some deeds and made some gestures to fulfill that goal, all of them subverted by an unanswered question: If, as Mr. Northam says, he was neither the individual dressed as a Ku Klux Klansman nor the one in blackface in the photograph on his medical-school yearbook page, then how did that image get there, and whom does it depict?” the piece continued.

While getting to the bottom of the Northam scandal is a noble goal, The Washington Post continues to ignore the scandal of Northam’s deputy, Fairfax.

One of Fairfax’s two accusers, Vanessa Tyson, brought her sexual assault allegations to the paper in December of 2017, offering Rep. Bobby Scott (D-Va.) as a corroborating witness. The paper opted not to run the story, saying that it did not meet its editorial standards because there were no corroborating witnesses. Big League Politics exclusively reported that Tyson told at least five professional colleagues about the incident, all of whom spoke with The New York Times and confirmed Tyson’s story.

This week, the paper is making excuses for former Vice President Joe Biden, a potential presidential candidate for 2020, who is under fire for his inappropriate contact with several women.

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