Washington Post Writer Meagan Flynn Proves She’s An American Idiot

A writer at the Washington Post, Amazon titan Jeff Bezos’ blog, made a hilarious error in the publication of a story about President Donald J. Trump being an “American Idiot.”

John Hanrahan of the “On the Media” radio show first pointed out the gaff on his Twitter account.

“In honor of Trump visit, Brits launch campaign to lift ‘American Idiot’ to top of the charts,” says the headline of a story written by Meagan Flynn.

“American Idiot” is an early 2000’s song by the band Green Day. The band is led by frontman Billie Joe Armstrong.

In her hasty attempt to provide a laugh at the expense of Trump and former President George W. Bush, Flynn quoted satirical site Clickhole.com as a reliable source.

“But despite the song’s ubiquity, Armstrong waited 13 years to reveal – in an article he wrote for Clickhole.com – the the ‘American Idiot’ was President George W. Bush,” she wrote.

Here is the headline from the story published in satirical website created to mock Buzzfeed, Clickhole:

The problem, the whole story is clearly made up, and Armstrong did not write it. (Just like all the articles on The Onion’s version of clickbait.) Flynn magnificently overlooked this minor detail in writing her piece, as did the editorial staff at WaPo, apparently.

The disreputable paper was forced to retreat with its tail between its legs.

“Correction: This story has been update to remove material attributed to a satirical Web publication, Clickhole, which should not have been treated seriously,” WaPo said in an update to the story.

Remember, publications like the Washington Post are the “trusted” and “reliable” sources of news in America. They are the arbiters of truth, and anything that does not fit their prescribed narrative is deemed to be “fake news.”

It sure is a shame to see such a trustworthy news outlet make such a hilarious major error, likely hurting its credibility moving forward.

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