War With China Incoming? US Gov Sells Taiwan $500 MillionTracking System to Taiwan for Its F-16s

The United States government recently approved a $500 million arms deal with Taiwan — a move that would likely aggravate tensions with China.

The Defense Department made Congress aware of the sale of an F-16 infrared search and track system to Taiwan after the US State Department gave the green light to this move on August 23. This the 11th weapons deal that the two countries have forged since Joe Biden was installed as president in 2021.

Taiwan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs later confirmed the US had reached an agreement with respect to a deal over the tracking system, which it stated would allegedly help defend the Taiwan Strait — an area of strategic importance. China views Taiwan as part of its territory.

“In the face of China’s ongoing military expansion and provocations, Taiwan will do its utmost to enhance its self-defense capabilities in order to protect its people’s lives, property, and free and democratic way of life,” Taiwan’s government declared in a statement.

The country’s defense ministry stated that it planned to use the tracking systems on its F-16 fighter jets to improve its ability to detect long-range targets.

That said, in a statement to Reuters, the Defense Department announced that the agreement “will not alter the basic military balance in the region.”

This deal is the third that has been forged in 2023 between China and Taiwan after a deal involving a $619 million agreement for the sale of anti-air and air-to-surface missiles back in March.

The American ruling class is clearly moving towards a pivot to Asia. Despite their bungled misadventure in Ukraine, the neocon/neoliberal interventionist cabal wants to move forward with a conflict against another nuclear armed power in China. 

While there are legitimate gripes to be had with China with respect to its immigration and trade policies, going to war with it is not the move. Instead, the US needs a strong political dose of America First nationalism. In sum, the country needs to restrict immigration from and decouple trade with China in order to reduce its influence. 

War should not be on the cards here. 


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