Warnock, Ossoff Slated to Sweep Georgia Senate Seats in Disaster for GOP

With final results pending, Democrats Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff are slated to secure victories over Republicans Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue.

Election projections indicate that both Democrats will secure narrow victories. In similar fashion to the general election, the Democrats soared to narrow leads as ballots tabulated in the metro center of Atlanta were accounted for late at night. As of Wednesday morning, Ossoff and Warnock lead with margins of less than 1%, with almost exclusively pro-Democrat precincts unaccounted for in election results.


Warnock declared victory on Tuesday night, confident that he had secured victory after mainstream media organizations have called Georgia for the Democrat minister.

Conservatives immediately devolved into a circular firing squad, accusing figures ranging from Mitch McConnell to Lin Wood to President Trump for supposedly costing Republicans the runoff election. McConnell had opposed the proposal of $2000 coronavirus relief checks, placing both Republicans on the defensive as the Democrats promised to deliver crucial relief bucks to Georgia taxpayers.

The United States Senate is slated to split in a 50/50 composition, preventing any one party from electing a Senate Majority leader. The split Senate will allow a tentative President Joe Biden to more easily advance his executive nominees, and for Chuck Schumer to advance leftist policy priorities of amnesty, gun control, abortion and tax increases on Americans.

This is a disaster for the Republican Party.

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