Warren Buffett’s Right-Hand Man Praises Communist China for Controlling the Market, Demands for U.S. to Adopt Similar Policies

Berkshire Hathaway vice chairman Charlie Munger praised communist China recently for their repressive policies against free speech.

Munger praised the Chinese communists for their censorship of Alibaba’s Jack Ma. He wants the U.S. government to rip up the Bill of Rights in order to bring those policies to the West.

“Communists did the right thing,” said Munger, who is the right-hand man of iconic investor Warren Buffet.

Munger is happy that China kept Ma out of the banking industry, eliminating some potential competition, and he wants U.S. regulators to pick winners and losers in the marketplace. 

“They said, ‘To hell with you,'” Munger added, noting that he felt Ma needed to be cut down to size for wanting to “wade into banking … and just do whatever he pleased.”

“I certainly would like to have the financial part of it in my own country,” he said, praising the communist nation’s central planning over the economy.

Munger also praised China for its totalitarian response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“That turned out to be exactly the right thing to do. And they didn’t allow any contact,” he said. “When it was all over, they kind of went back to work. It happened they did it exactly right.”

Big League Politics has reported on how the Wall Street elite has turned their backs on the American people who allowed them to gain their wealth in the first place:

Over 100 Wall Street corporate chieftains met in a private meeting recently to discuss collusion possibilities after the passage of electoral reform in several states, including Georgia.

The corporate elite is striking back, exerting their vast economic privilege to punish the people and undermine the political process. It is clear they do not want a non-globalist to ever be elected president again.

The Wall Street tycoons have cravenly refused to list their identities, as they understand that opposing voter security may have negative consequences in the marketplace. This is why they are hiding behind anonymity in making their threats against states that are implementing common sense reforms.

Their statement indicates that these “CEOs indicated readiness to act individually and collectively to shore up American democracy and ensure Americans have access to a world class voting system.” 

… The Beast System is revealing itself to mankind, and it is practically all-encompassing. If the common people lack the courage to stand up and defeat this great evil, humanity is doomed.

This perversion of capitalism has failed America, and Wall Street is the golden calf that has replaced religion throughout much of society.

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