Warren: Dems “going to lose” if they don’t double-down on progressive policies

Democrats are in big trouble leading up to midterms, but there are still roughly 200 days until elections – things can change.

While prominent Republicans like Ted Cruz are confident about a red ‘tsunami’ in 2022, people like Kellyanne Conway are warning the GOP “not to get cocky.”

Why? Because Democrats are working hard to reshape the narrative behind many of today’s most important issues. Not to mention distance themselves from Biden and his abysmal approval numbers.

For instance, Democrat leaders like Elizebeth Warren are even urging the president to deliver more on key progressive issues in the coming months. Citing Biden’s failure to cancel student loan debt as one example for why many Americans are dissatisfied with his administration.

“Democrats are going to lose,” Warren said on Sunday during an interview with CNN. “There are things that the American people elected us to do, and we still need to get out there and do it.”

She continued, “We do that, then we’re going to be fine at the elections.”

When talking about student loan forgiveness specifically, Warren called out Biden for not exercising his power and delivering on his campaign promises. Using “hurting families” as her reasoning for the nation’s need for more unprecedented government overreach.

In an interesting twist, Warren then went on to smear the Republican Party for its focus on “culture wars.” Proclaiming that Republicans are only interested in them because they “have no [more] ideas on the economy,” and “just want power for themselves rather than to help the American people.”

“That’s not going to work in the long run,” Warren said of the GOP. “And I believe that as we get closer and closer to the 2022 elections, you’re going to see more and more Republicans break ranks with what has become just a really extremist party.”

Warren, of course, is spouting off nonsense because she lacks accountability for her party’s failed policies. Only using her CNN airtime to paint the GOP as the Democrat’s newest boogeyman to scare midterm voters.

She is not alone in this tactic, as we’ve seen other talking heads go on about Republicans wanting to “end democracy.” Which is a clear endgame effort for Democrats to bring people back to the polls come November.

InIn reality, Americans care deeply about the culture wars. They are concerned about topics like sexual orientation and transgender issues being taught in the classroom.

Just like how they’re fed up with CRT and its indoctrinating concepts being forced upon children by Democrats across the nation.

“I think it could be the biggest election since 1938,” said former House Speaker Newt Gingrich. “The level of anger at what the left is doing — whether it’s Critical Race Theory… [or] whether it’s this attack on traditional values… The level of anger is so great that I think Republicans are going to have a very, very good election in 2022.”

Of course, instead of addressing the elephant in the room, Warren, along with other Democrat talking heads are only going to double down on progressive issues while gaslighting Republicans for where their new found focus is; the issues Americans really care about.

Only time will tell for how this strategy shapes up for Democrats come midterms.

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