WASHED UP: Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell Freezes During Press Conference

During a press conference on August 30, 2023, Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell froze and labored to respond to a reporter’s question. 

This is the second time that McConnell froze at a press conference after experiencing a similar incident in July. 

McConnell was responding to reporter inquiries in his home state of Kentucky when he appeared to freeze up for over 30 seconds after being questioned about a potential re-election bid in 2026. 

A video showed a legislative aide questioning McConnell if he heard the reporters’ questions. When the Senate minority leader did not respond in a timely manner, she informed reporters:

“I’m sorry, y’all, we’re going to need a minute.” McConnell subsequently continued taking questions at the press conference.  Recognizing that McConnell would have trouble responding to further questions, his aide had to repeat reporters’ questions before he replied.

Later on, a spokesperson for McConnell revealed that the Kentucky senator had felt “momentarily lightheaded.” On top of that, the aide revealed that he would visit a doctor prior to his next event. 

This was the second time in the last two months that McConnell froze in front of reporters. McConnell is 81 years old and these freezes in front of reporters have raised questions about his health at his tender age. 

In July, McConnell abruptly stopped speaking in the middle of his speech at a weekly press conference at the US Capitol. Indeed, there are now broader questions beginning to surface about the viability of the US’s gerontocratic ruling class.

The country is effectively being run by out of touch old fossils that can’t comprehend the needs and wants of the American populace. The combination of their old age and flawed ideologies makes them unfit to serve in higher office. As a result, there needs to be more nationalist new blood in the mix for the country to have proper representation and a political class that upholds the national interest.

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