Washington Examiner Calls for Ending the 2nd Amendment, Treating Trump Supporters Like Al Qaeda

Since the Jan. 6 mostly peaceful protest on the U.S. Capitol, many so-called conservatives have demonstrated their hatred of Trump and shown they had been working to subvert his America First agenda all along.

Arguably the worst examples of this establishment trend come from the Washington Examiner, a media outlet that is bankrolled by a Trump-averse globalist billionaire. The ostensibly conservative outlet has been echoing Democrat talking points since Jan. 6, blaming President Trump for allegedly inciting the violence and promoting impeachment as a legal and viable option.

In a recent article, the publication took it a step further by advocating for an abolition of the U.S. Constitution for the Biden administration to wage the war on terror in the homeland against Trump supporters.

The article titled, “How to fix our domestic terrorist problem” is written by Kevin Carroll, a former CIA agent and long-time homeland security bureaucrat. He compared President Trump’s supporters to Al Qaeda and proposed revoking their 2nd Amendment rights in what would be perhaps the most ghastly civil liberties abuse in U.S. history.

“We saw five dead in the Jan. 6 attempted coup d’etat. We saw possible assassination plots against both former Vice President Mike Pence and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. We saw coercion designed to prevent certification of President Biden’s Electoral College victory,” Carroll wrote, weaving together a narrative of distortions and half-truths to build his case.

He urged for Democrat leaders to adopt a plan of intolerable acts that would make America less free than many third-world nations.

Carroll called for Attorney General-designate Merrick Garland and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer to institute Draconian penalties against Capitol protesters, force loyalty oaths to the federal government upon local and state authorities, stage false flag plots to entrap unsuspecting right-wingers in bogus terror plots, dramatically expand the authority of the federal government to go after so-called domestic extremists, and perhaps most shockingly, shred the 2nd Amendment by banning the citizen militia. 

He wrote that the Biden administration should “use the supremacy of federal law to ban “militias” beyond the National Guard,” adding, “There is simply no longer any room for armed forces not answerable to the law.”

Carroll closed his op/ed by comparing the mostly peaceful protest on Jan. 6 in and around the U.S. Capitol to the terror attacks perpetrated against America by Islamic terrorists on Sept. 11, 2001.

We defeated al Qaeda and can do the same to the fascist thugs who attacked our democracy last month. But only if we take similar hard measures against the enemy within,” he concluded.

The mask is off, and the Uniparty wants what’s left of America to be destroyed. The Republican establishment is teaming with the Democrats to finish off the American people.

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