Washington Post Buys Super Bowl Ad To Pat Themselves and Fake News Media On The Back

The publisher of the Washington Post announced Friday that the legacy media outlet would be funding an advertisement set to air during Super Bowl LIII congratulating journalists for their supposedly indispensable role in American life.

It almost goes without saying that the Jeff Bezos-owned blog’s expensive ad will consist of celebrating establishment-friendly liberal and centrist reporters in an era where they’re increasingly viewed with skepticism and even disdain by the broader American public.

Don’t expect the Post’s ad’s to recognize the work of alternative media in informing the people, even as Americans gravitate away from corporate-controlled media outlets like the Post to seek objective and credible information from other sources.

WaPo publisher Fred Ryan said that “the Super Bowl is a remarkable moment to recognize the courage and commitment of journalists around the world that is so essential to our democracy,” in a press release announcing the ad buy. The ad will be narrated by Hollywood superstar Tom Hanks.

Ironically, as the Washington Post gets set to congratulate itself for supposedly embodying “press freedom,” its billionaire oligarch owner Bezos is said to be exploring a lawsuit to shut down the National Enquirer’s investigation of his own adultery scandal.

“Free press” for me, but not for thee.

In yet another demonstration of epic hypocrisy, the Post had also participated in a choir of tattletale-style calls for Silicon Valley tech monopolies to purge content created by Infowars kingpin Alex Jones from their platforms.

The Post is spending a whopping $5.2 million for the prime-time ad, which will air before the two-minute warning in the fourth quarter. With such a massive sum, the outlet could easily hire dozens of journalists recently laid off from declining media companies such as Buzzfeed or VICE. Instead, they choose to fund a pointless vanity project with no apparent purpose other than tooting their own horn.


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