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Washington Post Puts Out Puff Piece Defending Ralph “Blackface” Northam for his Political “Comeback”



The Editorial Board of the Washington Post recently glamorized Virginia Democratic Governor Ralph Northam’s supposed comeback from the “political dead”.

For those with short-term memory, Ralph “Blackface” Northam was embroiled in a scandal dealing with a racist photo on his medical school yearbook page earlier in February.

Many thought this would be a death blow to his political career, but they ended up proven wrong in the last few months.

The Post noted that “THE HISTORY of U.S. politics is full of second chances — of scandal-scarred, disgraced and irredeemable public figures staging improbable comebacks — but few back-from-the-dead narratives have been as swift and sure-footed as the one Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam has managed this year.”

Additionally, the Post also detailed how Northam was able to take advantage of “potential Democratic successors were quickly enmeshed in their own scandals, which shifted the spotlight and forced his party to consider whether it would prefer a Republican governor. (It wouldn’t.) It helped that Virginia Republicans, rarely bothered by President Trump’s race-baiting, lack any credibility to criticize Mr. Northam, a former lawmaker whose record on race was strong before he was elected governor in 2017.”

Not only has Northam refused to resign, but his party came out victorious in recent elections for the state legislature, thus securing a trifecta in the state government. A whole host of legislation from gun control to the outlawing of single-family zoning in suburbs is now on the legislative deck thanks to Democrats’ strong showing in recent elections.

Since his political “restoration”, Northam is allegedly refocusing his “his governorship on racial equity and reconciliation in what amounted to an extended act of public contrition and atonement.”

Clearly, Northam is pandering to a minority base that has been a reliable bloc vote for Democrats during the last 50 years.

Several lessons can be learned from this incident:

The Right must be willing to protect its own, even when the media tries to manufacture an outrage against certain individuals who are deemed too “controversial.” The Heritage Foundation’s firing of Jason Richwine for his remarks about mass migration trends is a textbook example of the behavior the Right should avoid.

With the Left dominating so many institutions and importing a new electorate via post-1965 migration policy, the Right cannot afford to purge its own during these times.

Last but certainly not least, the Right will have to get a handle on mass migration so that it can actually remain competitive and be able to unseat bad incumbents such as Ralph Northam.

When Democrat politicians like Northam can basically import a new electorate at will, they will govern as they please knowing that there will be no real opposition that could actually unseat them come election time.

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Leading Doctor in Canada Tells Canadian to be Prepared to Stay Inside for Three Months



A leading doctor from Toronto says that residents will likely have to stay at home and only go outside “for the most essential of needs” for the next 12 weeks in light of the increasing number of Wuhan Virus cases that has put city on the ropes.

Dr. Eileen de Villa made this announcement on Wednesday, April 1, 2020 as she gave broad recommendations to help contain the spread of the Wuhan Virus.

De Villa is advising “in the strongest possible terms” that all Torontonians stay at home, with the exception of medical appointments, to go grocery shopping no more than once weekly or to walk their dogs or get exercise.

Additionally, she said that she is using her powers in accordance with the Health Protection and Promotion Act to mandate all individuals who contracted the Wuhan Virus to stay home for 14 days. Further, she is demanding that close contacts of people with the virus self-isolate for a timeframe of 14 days.“It is my belief that these measures need to be in place for up to 12 weeks. But I would tell you that how long these measures need to be in place and how successful we are in terms of controlling the virus spread is entirely in our hands,” she stated. “The more we are able to put these measures into place and the more we are able as a community to adhere to these recommendations the shorter will be the duration of these measures and the more effective we will be at reducing the loss of lives in our community.”De Villa claimed that there have been 653 confirmed cases of the Wuhan Virus in the city as of April 1 and 165 probable cases, which included 35 that have involved treatment in an intensive care unit.

“This is not a favourable trajectory and as your medical officer of health I am deeply concerned,” de Villa continued. “I realize I depict a very stark picture here. A very stark picture but is one that is honest and true. Given this is our current situation it is my belief that we must absolutely implement stronger measures to avoid the type of results we are seeing in places like New York City.”

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Toronto previously revoked permits for all major events and festivals until June 30.

At a news conference on April 1, 2020, Toronto Mayor John Tory declared that the number of Wuhan Virus cases in the city are going in “the wrong direction” and it is now “absolutely clear that this is going to be a very long battle.”

“I believe most people want this over as soon as possible and if given the choice they will do what it takes to end this situation at the earliest possible date which being candid likely does mean the 12 weeks referred to by Dr. de Villa,” he stated. “You want to go and visit and give a hug to your mother or grandmother as soon as you can, you want to go to a restaurant and sit on the patio and have a beer, you want to watch your kids once again able to play on a playground without restriction and you want to go to a Blue Jays game or hang out on the beach with friends but getting to those better days will depend on our collective response as a city. We have it in our control to make those better days come sooner.”

Canada shows why Americans should be proud of their civil liberties.

Not only does the U.S. have the right to bear arms, but it also protects certain rights such as free speech and assembly better than Canada does.

The type of lockdown Canada is pursuing only happens in the most leftist of states in America, but it is not the norm.

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