Washington Post Reporters Openly Defend Their Anti-Trump Bias

Dave Weigel, Facebook

This article by Patrick Howley originally appeared at The American Spectator:

Washington Post reporters made clear their anti-Donald Trump bias in a little-noticed Twitter exchange Monday.

Post staff writer Joe Heim and reporter Dave Weigel openly admitted that they overlook the outrageous calls for anti-Trump violence coming from the Left, while continuing to flog progressive narratives and glorify protesters of the president.

“In today’s print edition of @washingtonpost, 10 full pages of impact on immigration ban. Please subscribe,” Heim tweeted, promoting his beleaguered newspaper, which is badly in need of subscribers. Heim provided a screenshot of the Post headline, “Trump stands by order as confusion, dissent swirl.”

National tea party leader Debbie Dooley of Georgia jumped in to declare, “You guys are no longer objective. You are nothing more than political propaganda for the left…”

Here is the exchange, in which Dooley calls for the Post to express outrage over Madonna’s recent claim, at the anti-Trump Women’s March in D.C., that she thinks about blowing up the White House. Heim defended his newspaper’s willful blindness toward violent left-wing imagery, saying that tea party activist Ted Nugent once said that Hillary Clinton should be hanged. Weigel chimed in with another partisan remark, saying that the most offensive signs at the Women’s March were ones that quoted President Trump.

It doesn’t matter if you agree with Dooley or with Heim and Weigel. But the following exchange shows that the Washington Post, once and for all, is not even pretending to be anything more than an anti-Trump political operation. How can a supposed reporter possibly defend the practice of overlooking calls for violence on one side of the aisle while hammering conservatives?

Congratulations to Dooley for drawing these egotistical Democratic operatives out into the open. Weigel, of course, is already well-known for helping to mastermind JournoList, a secretive plot by mainstream journalists to fight conservatives in their coverage. Weigel was even fired by the Post for his political activism, several years before getting hired back to cover the 2016 campaign.

Here is the disgusting exchange. Behold your mainstream press in action!


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