WATCH: 14-Year-Old White Kid Brutalized by Black Mob on School Bus for Allegedly Wearing Pro-Trump Hat

A video depicting a shocking, vicious display of racial hatred is quickly going viral on social media. In the video, a 14-year-old white child can be seen being beaten by a mob of black youths, and his mother claims it is because he wore a pro-Trump hat to his Hamilton County, FL school.

The alleged race-based assault that occurred on a school bus can be seen here:

The boy’s mother also claims that the black mob poured milk on the child as they attempted to shame him for his pro-Trump beliefs before they committed their beat-down.

“Plain and simple this was a hate crime and attempted murder according to the state of Florida since it was over three kids that jumped him and these kids are older and larger. Thankfully my son got into the fetal position and held his hands over his head he’s got defensive wounds,” his mother wrote in a subsequent tweet.

The 14-year-old boy, who his mother claims suffers from ADHD, healed from his injuries and was released from the hospital. However, he is reportedly suffering from mental trauma as a result from the vicious gang attack.

“He’s home. He’s gonna be okay physically but he is not doing well mentally. All he wants to do is sleep but I’m scared to let him sleep with his head injuries. I will be up with him tonight I’m worried about the big bumps on his head,” she wrote.

His mother claims that the individuals who committed the racist gang attack were suspended from school for a brief period, but police are refusing to classify this as a hate crime. She is disgusted by law enforcement’s unwillingness to protect her son.

“The police is not considering it a hate crime because everyone that jumped on him were related. Yeah, I don’t get it either. So if 5 white kids, all related, jumped a black child, no one would be screaming #HateCrime??? Double standards,” she wrote in a Tweet.

She contracted attorney Foye Walker for representation in her quest to obtain justice for her son. After contracting Walker, she released the video of the attack on Thursday to draw attention to this act of racially-motivated terrorism that police and school officials would like to sweep under the rug.

This is far from the only instance where an individual has been targeted with violence because he wore pro-Trump clothing:

Leftists have gotten the message that they have free reign to assault conservatives and Trump supporters in Portland, after ANTIFA has been given free reign to commit terrorism in the streets, as a man was assaulted outside of a bar for wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat this past weekend.

Portland police have reported that a man and a woman were arrested early Saturday morning and charged with assault. The alleged assault victim claims it was because he was wearing a MAGA hat, and the attack was politically motivated…

Lenzner explained to Fox 12 Oregon that he was on a date with his wife and wearing the MAGA hat when he was accosted by angry liberals who were triggered by his choice of head wear. Lenzner claims a mob circled him for the purposes of intimidation before he was struck.

“I got mobbed by everybody that was in that bar outside. People came from the inside out – just circled me and my wife,” Lenzner said.

The suspects are 22-year-old Leopold A. Hauser and 23-year-old Adebisi A. Okuneye, who are accused of striking Lenzer in what looks to be another instance of politically motivated violence against a conservative Trump supporter.

“Surrounding me, like literally surrounding me, pushing me. I’m just trying to get through, trying to stop the person from hitting me, from taking my hat, and then I get sucker punched,” Lenzner said to FOX 12.

The constant barrage of anti-white propaganda from the Left has real world consequences, and this child found that out the hard way as he was getting beaten down by the racist mob.

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