WATCH: 5 Arrested After Leftist Mob Harasses and Terrorizes Conservatives Outside of Ann Coulter Event

Right-wing author Ann Coulter appeared at the University of California-Berkeley on Wednesday night to give her “Adios, America!” speech against mass immigration, where several of her fans were accosted by a leftist mob hoping to shut down the proceedings.

Some of the tumultuous scenes were captured on video and later posted on social media:

There were reportedly over 1000 protesters who gathered outside of the event to protest Coulter, which outnumbered the actual event attendees by a wide margin. At least 350 people showed up to see Coulter, and conservatives had to endure the antics of the left-wing mob in order to fight their way into the event.

Five people were arrested in the aftermath of Coulter’s speech, and one event attendee was hospitalized as a result of the violent protests. There were no reports of serious injuries, and the individual was taken to the hospital largely as a precautionary measure. One unruly woman was hauled out of the event, but it is unclear if she was among those who were arrested.

Violent left-wing thugs were able to shut down a Coulter event in Berkeley in 2017, but their thuggish tactics were not successful this time. The Berkeley College Republicans (BCR) view this as a victory against the cancel culture that is so reigns supreme on so many universities throughout the country.

“We believe our preparations are more than adequate to ensure that Ms. Coulter’s talk does go ahead later today without any major disruptions,” BCR external vice president Rudra Reddy told the Daily Californian in an email.

“BCR is very excited about the prospect of hosting Ms. Coulter, the figurative architect of President Trump’s policy on immigration, in the backdrop of the recent oral arguments in the DACA case at the Supreme Court as well as the recent migrant surge at the border,” they added.

Coulter taunted her opponents in a series of Twitter posts following her event.

The unhinged leftists believe that Coulter’s rhetoric is violence, while their organized bullying campaign against conservatives is peace. Campus administrators are happy to enable the left-wing threat, and their cavalier rhetoric makes excuses for their despicable behavior.

“This is another in a series of events that have happened in the past two years,” campus spokesperson Dan Mogulof said at a press conference about the event.

“We’re well aware there are members of campus who feel disturbed by the presence of someone they deeply disagree with, and we will provide them with services to support them emotionally and psychologically in the campus community, but we have to abide by the laws of the land,” he added.

While feckless campus administrators may harbor the violent Left, the success of Coulter’s event shows that their tactics are not as successful as they once were. Conservatives are growing emboldened to stand up to the left-wing mob, with next year’s contentious presidential election right around the corner.

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