WATCH: Anti-Trump Twitter Troll Brian Krassenstein Says He’s a PAID Activist on Video

10:20 AM update:

Brian Krassenstein responded to BLP’s comment request.

“Oh Peter… Oh [sic] course we aren’t paid. The video is a joke,” he said.

“Nobody pays us,” he continued when pressed. “That’s my statement.”

Additional update:

Brian Krassenstein has released the full video of the interaction. In the video, Krassenstein clearly states that he was paid to tweet, but continues to claim that he has not been paid to tweet and the video is a joke. Big League Politics reached out to Krassenstein before publication and published his response with the previous update. Krassenstein claims to give credit “where credit is deserved” to outlets who asked for comment before publication, but does not mention Big League Politics.

One of the most prominent critics of President Donald J. Trump on Twitter admitted to being a paid activist on surreptitiously recorded video which is currently circulating on the internet.

“Of course, we get paid, you know? Of course, the ‘higher ups’ pay us,” Brian Krassenstein said when asked how he manages to Tweet so much.

The video was posted in a Tweet by a user called @PrissysTruth.

Krassenstein and his brother Ed gained a following by trolling Trump on Twitter, responding to every one of his Tweets with leftist propaganda.

“People pay us – they want to help us sow the division and to take over Trump’s Twitter feed,” he continued. “When he makes a post, they want our Tweets to be up there. They don’t want other poeple – like Trump supporters – to be seen.”

Big League Politics reached out to Krassenstein to ask who exactly pays him for his “activism.” He declined to comment before publication.

Krassenstein has certainly been paid well to #Resist Trump. He and his brother will soon release a homo-erotic children’s fan fiction book in which shirtless, muscle-bound Robert Mueller – who bears a striking resemblance to a Chippendale’s male stripper – saves the world from Trump.

WATCH Krassenstein admit to being paid:

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