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WATCH: Anti-Trump Twitter Troll Brian Krassenstein Says He’s a PAID Activist on Video



10:20 AM update:

Brian Krassenstein responded to BLP’s comment request.

“Oh Peter… Oh [sic] course we aren’t paid. The video is a joke,” he said.

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“Nobody pays us,” he continued when pressed. “That’s my statement.”

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Additional update:

Brian Krassenstein has released the full video of the interaction. In the video, Krassenstein clearly states that he was paid to tweet, but continues to claim that he has not been paid to tweet and the video is a joke. Big League Politics reached out to Krassenstein before publication and published his response with the previous update. Krassenstein claims to give credit “where credit is deserved” to outlets who asked for comment before publication, but does not mention Big League Politics.

One of the most prominent critics of President Donald J. Trump on Twitter admitted to being a paid activist on surreptitiously recorded video which is currently circulating on the internet.

“Of course, we get paid, you know? Of course, the ‘higher ups’ pay us,” Brian Krassenstein said when asked how he manages to Tweet so much.

The video was posted in a Tweet by a user called @PrissysTruth.

Krassenstein and his brother Ed gained a following by trolling Trump on Twitter, responding to every one of his Tweets with leftist propaganda.

“People pay us – they want to help us sow the division and to take over Trump’s Twitter feed,” he continued. “When he makes a post, they want our Tweets to be up there. They don’t want other poeple – like Trump supporters – to be seen.”

Big League Politics reached out to Krassenstein to ask who exactly pays him for his “activism.” He declined to comment before publication.

Krassenstein has certainly been paid well to #Resist Trump. He and his brother will soon release a homo-erotic children’s fan fiction book in which shirtless, muscle-bound Robert Mueller – who bears a striking resemblance to a Chippendale’s male stripper – saves the world from Trump.

WATCH Krassenstein admit to being paid:


Liberal Snowflakes Freak Out as Black-on-White Hate Crime is Reported at Ohio State University



Left-wing snowflakes are up in arms after Ohio State University (OSU) reported a black-on-white hate crime to the campus.

OSU reported earlier this month that at least one black student allegedly committed the hate crime, punching a white student in the face after calling him a racial slur. They followed federal law to report this hate crime to the campus.

This is when the liberal snowflakes flipped out, as they make it clear that white lives do not matter to their civilizational death cult.

Student Solidarity at OSU posted these sickening messages over Twitter:

Over 100 left-wing students even gathered to protest black-on-white crimes being reported, clearly demonstrating that they want whites to be victimized in silence:

A particularly low IQ student of color claimed that OSU was “mocking their entire Black student body” by following federal law and reporting a hate crime:

The Student Solidarity group made it clear that their position is that white people can be discriminated against and terrorized by people of color, and it should not be reported and society should not care about it:

It is becoming more obvious due to the actions of the radical left that they want to commit a full-blown cultural genocide against the West and will happily subject white people to dehumanization in order to achieve their maniacal ends.

Big League Politics has reported on how it is actually black people who are committing the majority of the hate crimes across America, which is in turn ignored and misrepresented by the fake news media, the Democrat Party, left-wing academia, and the subverted deep state.

As cities are burned to the ground by diversity mobs nationwide, federal officials have assured us that the real terror threat isn’t the Black Lives Matter uprising that is unleashing an orgy of destruction. The real threat, according to our vaunted intelligence community, is evil white supremacists…

However, a close examination of the facts show that these deep state hacks are lying. They are relying on propaganda from left-wing thought control groups like the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) and Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) instead of using the actual data to make their determinations.

According to the Justice Department data from 2017 (long before the ongoing BLM anti-white riots started), black Americans are over-represented by 50 percent in the number of overall hate crimes committed. Meanwhile, whites are underrepresented by 24 percent. The results are consistent for other years as well, showing that it is blacks who are committing a disproportionate amount of hate crimes.

Blacks also commit hate crimes at a rate that is three times higher than whites per 100,000 Americans, according to FBI crime data in 2016-2017. The SPLC’s own data even shows that blacks are more than twice as likely to join a hate group. When it comes to domestic extremist terrorism, it is the same story. Blacks are once again far more likely to commit terrorist attacks than their white counterparts.

According to homeland security data, blacks are yet again over-represented by 19.4 percent when committing domestic extremist attacks. Meanwhile, whites are underrepresented yet again by 32 percent. Despite making up just 13 percent of the population, blacks accounted for over 32 percent of domestic extremist attacks that occurred between 2015 and 2019. Over the same time period, whites only accounted for 29 percent of the domestic extremist attacks even though they made up 62 percent of the total population.

The facts are clear: whites are statistically far less likely to commit domestic terrorism or engage in other violent racist activity than blacks. However, the feds still focus their efforts on white people while giving a pass to blacks who burn, loot and murder at epidemic rates in cities across the country.

The radical left’s agenda ends in genocide. Their relentless demonization of white people and ignoring of any hate, violence or terrorism against whites proves that.

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