WATCH Antifa Embarrass Themselves Trying To Shut Down Lauren Southern Speech In Australia

Antifa faced a major setback in Australia on Thursday night in what turned out to be an embarrassing attempt to shut down right-wing commentators Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneaux for the first step of their national speaking tour. According to Australian news outlets, a measly 200 Antifa protesters clashed with police, while over 1,000 people attended the event led by the two controversial figures.

While the event was mostly a peaceful affair, with the crowd being extremely receptive to the ideas promoted by Southern and Molyneux, there were a handful of Antifa protesters who found their way into the event. At least four protesters attempted to disrupt the event, but made fools of themselves in videos that will make any reasonable person laugh at their expense.

Big League Politics spoke exclusively with Lauren Southern moments after she left the stage, who stated: “Hundreds of protesters and some screaming lady is not going to stop me and patriotic Australians speaking the truth.”

Lauren Southern’s visit to Australia has been highlighted by controversy since the moment she touched down at the airport in Brisbane. After walking off her plane she was spotted wearing a shirt stating “It’s okay to be white,” which made left-wing heads explode.

Prior to even entering the country she was facing hardships that nearly stopped her tour from happening. The travel visas of both Southern and Molyneaux were initially denied, almost certainly because of the “controversial” topics they were planning to discuss once entering the country.

This is not the first time Southern has faced trouble while traveling internationally. Earlier this year she was detained, and denied entry to the United Kingdom, with her political opinions being cited as the reason why. The powers that be really don’t like people speaking out against their agenda, which in the case of the U.K. is mass immigration.

Southern’s stop in Melbourne was just the first of a number of cities that she will visit, including¬†Sydney, Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane and Auckland. Big League Politics will keep you updated on what one can easily assume will be a lot more craziness coming from the radical left in response to her tour.

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