WATCH: Ashton Whitty Goes Head-To-Head With Coffee-Cup Socialist

Conservative heroine Ashton Whitty tells Big League Politics the full back story on her recent viral video appearance.

Whitty was live in Austin, TX covering the SXSW conference when she bumped into Dasha Nekrasova, a little-known actress. Nekrasova made her most popular on-camera appearance yet.


When asked what she liked about Bernie Sanders, Nekrasova replied that she liked him because he was a socialist. Then Whitty asked what was good about socialism, and Nekrasova gave a smug smile – while sipping on an iced coffee and gripping her smartphone.

Whitty pressed on, asking what Nekrasova liked about Sanders.

“I think he has a lot of integrity,” Nekrasova replied. “I like his value system, I like what he stands for.”

When Whitty asked what Sanders stood for, Nekrasova replied “eating the rich.”

Then Whitty reminded Nekrasova that Sanders owns three very expensive homes. Nekrasova was, of course, dumbfounded.

“I was not aware of that,” Nekrasova said.

Since the left genuinely believes that smugness is a virtue, Nekrasova’s video has garnered a great deal of attention. In fact, her supporters have openly praised her brainlessness.

Big League Politics spoke to Whitty about the exchange.

“The girl ended up saving the video from InfoWars site and she put it on Twitter,” Whitty said. “It got over two million views in just two days, and now I’m getting crazy attacked by the left. She actually cut out my main argument within the video.”

“She gained like 10,000 followers on Twitter since that video went up,” Whitty said. “I think it’s important to talk about the fact that this girl has no real understanding of what happens in socialist societies.

Yet the left is openly celebrating this exchange as a win for their idea of a utopian socialist paradise. She was the subject of a Teen Vogue article that praised Nekrasova for “owning” Whitty. But saying “You have worms in your brains” is not even a cool insult, never mind an intelligent argument.

Who will pay for this “free” healthcare that Nekrasova wants? Why are people in Canada – where they have “free” healthcare subsidized by the government –coming to the United States for organ transplants? Why are American veterans dying while waiting for healthcare from the federal government?

The answer is clear: The federal government is bad at everything. But nuance is lost by the trendies on the left, and they continue to idolize imbeciles like Nekrasova.

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