WATCH: Austen Fletcher Highlights Immigration Insanity in New Video

A well known Youtube personality has published a new video highlighting the insanity of Trump haters and open borders activists on the political left (but I repeat myself).

“Immigrants are what make our country great, and Trump’s out here just trying to stop them from coming in and helping us,” one industrious protestor told Austen Fleccas.


When asked how many illegal immigrant she thought America should allow annually, one protestor replied, “as many as need to come.”

“I don’t believe in turning people away,” she said.

Fleccas interspersed educational immigration facts throughout his video compilation.

“Government expenditures on illegal immigration total $135 billion annually, while illegal immigrants only pay $19 billion in taxes,” the video says.

Another protestor eloquently spoke about the intersectionality of hate and unemployment.

“To be honest there’s a lot of hate in the world, man,” the protestor said. “And when people don’t have good employment, you know, it makes people be like, ‘Oh, well this person’s taking my…’ you know? I mean, come on, man.”

There is still some hope, though.

“The problem is that there’s a lot of people that have been here for, like, 20 years or more and they haven’t made the slightest effort to become legal,” said Aida de Thomas, a legal immigrant and Trump supporter. “That makes it a problem for themselves because they’re not doing anything about it, and they have plenty of opportunities.”

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