WATCH: Austin PD Arrest Suspect In Under A Minute After Shooting Breaks Out

Austin Police Arrest Man 1 Minute After Shooting
Credit: YouTube

The Austin Police Department responded to a fight that broke out at a gas station in downtown Austin near I-35 on Saturday night, and arrived just in time to apprehend suspects moments after the fight devolved into a shooting.

The video opens with multiple individuals arguing around a vehicle at night, and very quickly, the situation becomes violent as two men in yellow shorts approach a vehicle and begin to throw punches wildly, appearing to strike a vehicle.

Quickly escalating, one participant appears to run from the scene, and is tackled by one of the other men. Roughly 30 seconds into the video he is taken to the ground then kicked and struck repeatedly by his pursuer. At this point, gun shots are heard off screen, and the crowd begins to panic and disperse.

Multiple men attempt to flee the area, including the two men in yellow shorts. One of the men can be seen entering the passenger door of vehicle after the shots cease, only to have police immediately enter the scene.

One minute into the video, the first police officer arrives with his weapon drawn and approaches the men, ordering the suspects to put their hands up and begin exiting the vehicle. Within seconds, more than 7 officers appeared in the video to arrest the driver and passenger.

By the end of the five minute video, the Austin police cleared the scene and arrested multiple suspects.

The fight and shooting allegedly took place at a gas station near I-35 and 7th Street in Austin, Texas, situating the scene between the University of Texas at Austin Police Department, the Travis County Sheriff’s Department, and directly across the street from the City of Austin Police Department adjacent to the Austin Municipal Court.

Mug shots and arrest records for the date of the incident have not yet been released publicly by the City of Austin.

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