WATCH: Austin Rioters Cheer As They Burn Homeless Man’s Possessions

Austin, Texas rioters appeared to cheer as they set a homeless man’s few possessions on fire Saturday night, in what could be a new low for the looters that have incited nationwide race riots in which the property of many small businesses and middle-class people has been destroyed.

Judging from the man’s placement of a mattress on what appears to be a city square, it’s all but certain the man is homeless. He can be seen removing his mattress and possessions from the flame lit by the Antifa looters.

Footage of the crime was captured by Alex Jones’ Infowars.

I live here! What are you doing… What the f*** are you doing!

In the distance, what sounds like rubber bullets or tear gas can be heard being fired.

More footage from Dallas on Saturday night showed looters subjecting a small business owner to a savage beating that left the man incapacitated and in critical condition.

Austin area Congressman Chip Roy (TX-14) had this to say:

It’s time for law enforcement and the military to disperse the radical, violent and dangerous looters from the streets of American communities.

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