WATCH: Bernie Sanders Hails Mount Rushmore As “Our Country At Its Very Best” In 2015 CNN Clip

A 2015 clip of former Democratic Presidential candidate and Vermont Independent Senator Bernie Sanders praising the cultural accomplishment of Mount Rushmore has resurfaced, with some contrasting the democratic socialist’s praise of the monument with the potent hatred for the icon of American civilization expressed by many elite liberals within the corporate media today.

“Just the accomplishment and the beauty,” says the progressive leader of the monument, which he visited during a South Dakota campaign tour in 2015. “It really does make one very proud to be an American.

This is our country at its very best… What an incredible achievement,” says Sanders of Rushmore, which the Democratic Party’s official Twitter feed has likened to a “white supremacist” monument and the New York Times has linked to slavery and the Ku Klux Klan.

If he were running for President today- just months after his second presidential campaign sputtered and lost the Democratic nomination to party elder Joe Biden, Sanders would all but certainly be castigated by liberal fanatics as a “racist” ignoring the systematic oppression and racism that the four U.S. Presidents featured on the cultural monument supposedly represent.

Sanders’ 2015 admiration of the monument- which, by all indications appears to be honest, and sincere- is indicative of the cultural fanaticism the affluent cultural liberals who prevented his nomination in 2016 and 2020 have installed within the Democratic Party. Sanders represents the tradition of the 1930’s left, which fixates its political focus on the material well-being of working class Americans, as opposed to the cultural jihad of neoliberal Democrats. Unfortunately, it appears the cultural left fanatics- who furiously howl for the destruction of Mount Rushmore and statues of iconic American Presidents while cowtowing to a donor class of corrupt billionaire oligarchs- have taken the driver’s seat of the Democratic Party, leaving Sanders’ admiration for the monument in history.

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