WATCH: Bernie Sanders Praised Soviet Union’s Youth Programs, Chandeliers In 1980s

Bernie Sanders Endorses Soviet Union

More video has surfaced of Vermont senator and Democrat presidential candidate Bernie Sanders praising the Soviet Union, this time only a few short years before the communist empire would crumble.

Sanders praised the Soviet Union’s youth programs, cultural facilities, theaters, public transportation, and strangely enough, their chandeliers. His wife, Jane Sanders, admired the Soviet Union’s “beauty” as well as its “optimism and enthusiasm.”

Sanders noted that he was “extremely impressed” by the failed communist nation’s “public transportation system” which included “many works of art” and “chandeliers that were beautiful.”

“Also, I was impressed by the youth programs that they have, their palaces of culture for the young people,” Sanders continued, “And cultural programs which go far beyond what we do in this country.”

He then elaborated on the country’s theaters, saying that one had “three separate stages,” including one exclusively for puppets.

“And the cost, the highest price of a ticket that you can get, is the equivalent of $1.50.”

Sanders’ wife explained that she most enjoyed the seamless differences between work and personal lives for citizens of the Soviet Union, noting that “instead of compartmentalizing their lives into a job and hobbies, it’s all interrelated, and it’s all under the banner of community involvement.”

The Soviet Union, which crumbled under the weight of its failed communist system in the early 1990s, killed millions of its own people during its existence. Some university estimates place the total number citizens killed in the country as a result of democide, or death by government, to number over 60 million.

Sanders and his wife honeymooned in the Soviet Union in 1988. He has never publicly disavowed his endorsements for the failed communist system.

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