WATCH: Biden Campaign Attacks Laura Loomer After Trump Family Embraces Her Congressional Campaign

The presidential campaign of Joe Biden is scared of U.S. Congressional candidate Laura Loomer, and they are attacking her directly and tying her to President Donald Trump.

The attack comes a day after Lara Trump, wife of the president’s son Eric, campaigned with Loomer, who is aiming to depose incumbent Democrat Lois Frankel for the 21st Congressional seat in Florida.

In a desperate attempt to stop Loomer’s momentum, Biden’s campaign is slamming her with help from the fake news leaders at CNN.

“Laura Loomer is a Republican Congressional candidate in Florida who peddles in conspiracy theories and is a self-described Islamophobe,” CNN hack John King said in the segment deriding Loomer.

“The Trump campaign’s embrace of Loomer and her values is another in a ceaseless stream of urgent reminders that we must win this battle for the soul of our nation,” said Biden campaign spokesman Andrew Bates to CNN.

The clip can be seen here:

Bates had additional nasty comments about Loomer that he told the USA Today on Wednesday, showing that Loomer is in the heads of the Biden campaign staff.

“Laura Loomer represents what any person seeking public office must disavow without hesitation: She is an exponent of Islamophobia and of dangerous, universally debunked conspiracy theories that the FBI has identified as terrorism threats,” he said.

Loomer’s chief strategist Karen Giorno has responded to the collusion from the fake news media and Democrat Party operatives against her upstart candidate.

“Why would Joe Biden, whose attention should be focused on Trump, dispatch campaign staffers to smear her?” Giorno asked. “What’s so special about this one district? The attacks on Laura are numerous and ferocious because the Democrats are rattled.”

“They know Laura Loomer is expanding the Republican base in the President’s home district, and that Democrats will have to spend money here for the first time in a decade. And they know that she is on course to win, because she is focused on the issues that matter to District 21 voters: Law and order, the economy and the preservation of essential American freedoms,” Giorno said.

Loomer, along with her colleague Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia, is representing a new wave of populist, anti-establishment Congressional upstarts who are not beholden to the party machine. This is why these strong women have had to ensure some of the most vicious attacks of this election cycle.

Big League Politics reported on how Loomer overcame seemingly insurmountable odds, including banishment from all major social media platforms, to dominate her Congressional primary last month:

U.S. House of Representatives candidate and banished journalist Laura Loomer has won the Republican Party primary for Florida’s 21st Congressional district.

As of 8pm EST, Loomer has been called the winner of the primary after developing an insurmountable lead. She will go on to face incumbent Democrat Lois Frankel in the November general election.

Big League Politics has reported on how the globalist establishment has invented new ways to go after Loomer. Just last week, Comcast/Xfinity denied Loomer’s campaign the ability to send fundraising text messages after they arbitrarily determined her messaging was dangerous…

Loomer is reinventing how campaigns are conducted in the digital age. She is demonstrating that mainstream social media platforms are not necessary to be a political force. Her success is making the Big Tech monopoly obsolete.

If Loomer can recreate her success in the general election, she will be a nightmare for the Washington D.C. swamp serving in the U.S. House.

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