WATCH: Biden Slams Medical Mandates, Mandatory Testing of Diseases in Old Video

Then-Senator Joe Biden can be heard speaking of mandatory medical screening and governmental overreach in response to disease in a 1987 video, speaking about policies similar to those he’s enacted as President in critical terms.

The video stems from 1987 Senate testimony on the HIV/AIDS epidemic, with Biden alluding to potential discrimination against homosexuals as a result of the disease.

It’s not very far off the horizon… That if we don’t get one disease under control, you may find legislative bodies taking whole classes of people based upon propensity of conduct, saying we’re going to put you in a certain category, we’re going to demand mandatory testing for you.

Democrats and liberals formally were critical of the prospect of medical mandates, testing, and authoritarian policies in the name of ‘public health,’ bowing in submission before Biden and supposed expert scientists who have changed coronavirus guidelines countless times.

Biden’s remarks at the time were eminently reasonable, and foreshadowed his administration’s attempt to enact privatized mandatory coronavirus testing. Biden’s attempt to use OHSA rules to mandate vaccination and testing will likely be met with a stringent challenge in the court system, with litigators pointing to Biden’s 1980’s testimony as evidence of the policy’s unconstitutionality.

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