WATCH: Bill Maher Defends Alex Jones Against Big Tech Censorship

A notoriously liberal late night television host defended Alex Jones against Silicon Valley censorship on his HBO show Friday.

“I don’t like Alex Jones, but Alex Jones gets to speak,” said Bill Maher in a panel interview on “Real Time with Bill Maher.”

“Everybody gets to speak,” Maher continued.

Maher’s audience applauded when he lead into the segment by saying that Jones had been banned from several large tech platforms, but Maher awkwardly interrupted them.

“Well, if you’re a liberal you’re supposed to be for free speech,” he said. “That’s free speech for the speech you hate. That’s what free speech means.”

Bitter #NeverTrump pundit and contributing editor of formerly-conservative Weekly Standard defended the tech companies, saying that Jones was not owed a platform, which no one was disputing.



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